One day I was talking to a former business colleague and he asked me what I did as a church planter. I paused because I had been struggling with this question. And then I answered, “I am kind of like glue?” I never wanted to be glue. But the fact is I am.  My experience and skill set has formed me into glue. And then I realized that every mission needs glue. Glue keeps things together. Glue needs to get the job done and get out of the way.

Kingdom builders and pioneers need a place to find solutions to some of the challenges they are facing. It’s hard to stay focused on the mission when you’re worrying about the details. Planters also need a place to learn from other planters.

MissionGlue is the place for our church planting tribe to talk about the glue issues–those business, organizational and leadership elements we need in place to hold the mission together.

It may sound simple but it is a hard simple truth that I have come to learn from experience.

  • Church planters need help with the basic stuff.
  • Church planters need help staying on mission.
  • Church planters need best practices.
  • Church planters need to contextualize everything.
  • Church planters need encouragement.

MissionGlue is going to be a place for us to have a conversation about the glue that holds everything together.

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