When I was a kid I loved to build models.

It amazed me that you could take all those bits of plastic and glue them together to make something cool like a car or tank or airplane. I guess I’ve always had a thing for glue. Because glue is the invisible strong stuff that holds things together.

Mission Glue is an effort to bring practical thinking to the varied expression of the Jesus mission. It’s the ‘stuff’ of mission. I like to think of it as a conversation about the Kingdom life.

My dream is that Mission Glue is a platform for a tribal discussion about the ‘glue’ that helps us fulfill the Jesus mission and what it means to live a Kingdom life.

I want Mission Glue to be the place where missional entrepreneurs will share their best practices on the myriad processes and systems that an organization needs to become self-propagating. This is solution based endeavor but with a twist: We will invite you church planters, missional community leaders, business people, entrepreneurs, project managers, executive pastors etc. into this conversation by asking questions about how they’re handling certain challenges.

We will hear from people in the field, people who are learning and dreaming about and doing the mission of Jesus.

It’s a collaborative discussion I invite you to participate. Leave a comment or contact me directly.


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