Maturity = Reproducing

Christian maturity isn’t marked by more information – it’s evidenced by reproducing.

We live in a time with great access to information. We have Bible apps and internet search engines. We have study Bibles and on-line theology courses. All of these are good and benefit the Kingdom.

But if we’re not careful we will focus on gaining more information about God and lose our ability to be obedient to his work in our lives. When this happens, we hazard a neglect of our primary call: to make disciples…to reproduce more for the Kingdom. You know…the important stuff.

I think the mark of maturity is our ability to reproduce the Jesus mission.

So what does reproducing look like? It varies, depending on your context.

There are big ways to reproduce

  • Starting a new service
  • Planting a new church or campus
  • Starting a new network

And there are small ways to reproduce

  • Making more disciples
  • Apprenticing a new leader
  • Starting a new small groups

Whatever the level of reproducing, know that these are the metrics that demonstrate Christian maturity.


Mission trumps everything. Jesus gave his followers a mission and therefore started a movement. You and I as believers have a role to play in that movement.

We must be careful that we hold ourselves accountable to that mission. Ours is a life of faith in action (see the Book of James). Knowledge is good and helpful. But mission supersedes it.

So let me ask you – as I ask myself – who have you reproduced lately? What have you reproduced?

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What’s Your Plan to Reproduce?

If you’re starting something new, you must have a plan to reproduce it (scale it).

At NewThing, we love to reproduce. We want to reproduce leaders, groups, churches, networks and movements. These are BIG and AUDACIOUS goals to scale the Jesus Mission every way we can.

To achieve this goal, we ask all of our NewThing churches to complete an annual My Reproducing Plan. We ask all of our churches to put their plans for reproducing in writing. We’ve found that having these goals in writing and the accountability mechanism of completing them significantly increases the rate of reproducing in our churches.

What is your plan to reproduce? What’s it going to take to take to reproduce your  yourself, your team, your organization?

What is the accountability mechanism to achieve those goals?

You will need both to maximize the impact of your new thing.

So what’s your next reproducing move?

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Mobilize the Small to Multiply the Big

You have a vision and plan to do some big things for the kingdom. Great.

Just don’t forget that you can only do that if you mobilize the small.

Small multiplies the big.

  • Want to plant churches. Mobilize small groups of people to be on mission.
  • Want to accomplish a big goal? Mobilize your daily schedule and align it with your goals.

Whatever your big goal is … don’t forget it all begins and is only possible if you mobilize the small.

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Measure the Sending Capacity of Your Church

A key metric of a reproducing church needs to be its sending capacity. You must be able to send others to the Jesus mission.

The greater your capacity to do this, the bigger the Kingdom impact.

So how do you measure the sending capacity of your church?

The first step is to be intentional about metrics. Pick dynamics to measure and stick to it.

Then ask yourself and your team question like…

  1. Do you have a leadership resident?
  2. Are you training, coaching and equipping leaders for the Jesus Mission?
  3. Are you building an apprentice culture? Are you holding people accountable to it?
  4. Do you talk about sending?
  5. Do you celebrate sending?
  6. Do you in invest financially when you send?
  7. Are you praying about places to go? Are you praying for people an resources to send?
  8. Do you celebrate your history of sending?
  9. Are you making it easy for people to go?
  10. Are people stepping forward and saying yes to GO?
  11. Is sending a key rhythm in your church?
  12. Are you putting your plans and goals before that of the Jesus Mission?

We’re going to struggle to create a legitimate multiplying movement of churches until we’re asking questions about our sending capacity.

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What’s Your Next Reproducing Move?

Another batch of leaders? Another service? Another location? A new church? 
What’s your next reproducing move? Can you give out it to us in a sentence?
  • Do you have a vision for it?
  • Do you know what the plan for it is?
  • Do you have some goals in place to make it happen?
  • Is someone leading the charge? Have you found a champion for this move?
  • What resources and time are you allocating to the move?

These (and probably more) need to be in place if you’re going to have a chance to achieve your next move.
Reproducing churches always know their next move.

So what’s yours?