what will it take for you to follow me?

If you’re stuck in your leadership, I know a really good question you should ask the people you’re leading.

It will also be one of the hardest.

Early on in my church planting journey I was struggling to build cohesive teams. It seemed no matter what I did, I couldn’t find the right contributors and I couldn’t find the right people to apprentice into leadership. I struggled to run the ministries I was leading and so I was doing most things myself as a result.

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what if in 2017?

I wrote some questions in my journal the other day that have been bugging me so I thought I’d share them with you.

What if you did things differently in 2017?

What if you did one thing that really helped one person? What would it look like to do ten things that helped 10 people?

What if you really put aside your agenda and really listened?

What if you were more generous this year to your local church with our time and treasures?

What if I really took care of my body?

What if I read the books that would expand my understanding of other people and the world?

What if I did something to address to root cause of poverty and injustice in my community?

What if I made new friends by reaching out to people to people who aren’t like me?

What if I really tried to consume less of everything?

What if I made decisions to live in ways that aren’t so harmful to the environment?

What if I  really tried to live out the teachings of Jesus in tangible ways by loving God and loving others more than myself?

What if I really devoted myself to prayer?

Asking what if questions is hard.  But asking them is one way I can change things. What if enough of us asked what if?

hope for tomorrow

The older I get, the more the years start to blur together. Despite my best intentions, it’s getting harder to keep track of what the uniqueness of each year. I mean I remember 2016 just fine. But 1996, well that’s another question.

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Is it Too Much?

The average church planter is dealing with a ton of stuff like: team building, leadership issues, facility challenges, and finances to name just a few. It’s probably too much. After all, the more I talk to planters the more I am convinced many of them overestimate their own abilities to lead all of these well.

I am convinced that a planter needs to keep the gospel the main thing. That’s what MissionGlue is going to be all about: helping planters navigate the details of church planting so they can keep the gospel the main thing.

This needs to be a conversation and so I invite you into it. If you’re a church planter or on a launch team I want to hear from you.

So what about you? Is it too much? How are you dealing with it?