Called to Plant a Church? This Might Help

I have the privilege to speak to men and woman who are being called to start new things for the Kingdom. I am always inspired after hearing how God is working in their lives; challenging them to move outside of their comfort zone and follow Jesus. It’s because of them that we get new churches.

I’ve learned a few things during these conversations and identified some principles about calling.

One of our strategic partners at NewThing is The Aspen Group. I recently sat down with them to talk about this topic for their Alignment Conference Podcast series.

If you’re thinking of planting a church, it might help.

Check it the full article and podcast HERE.

Here’s the Soundcloud Link.

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Anyone who wants to add value to church planters is alright in my book.

That’s why I recommend you check out the brand new website and podcast from my friend Jon Peacock called Taking Flight

Jon has a vision to add value to church planters. That’s it.

And I love it.

There are thee reasons to subscribe:

1) Jon has great content. He is the lead pastor of Mission Church. He did a leadership residency at Community and planted a new church that’s got a big vision to reach people and plant churches. He has a great heart for church planters.

2) Taking Flight is powered by NewThing because like Jon, we want to help fuel what God has called you to do in your local context. One of the ways we can do that is to present great content to you.  Jon’s got great content.

3) NewThing Lead Visionary Dave Ferguson is Jon’s first guest.

Each month we will be featuring Jon’s podcast so be sure to check our webpage for more details. Also, download the NewThing APP and get all of the details!

Seriously – stop what you’re doing and check it out right now.

My Interview with Son of a Church Planter

Last week I was in Columbus, Ohio hanging out with church leaders and church planters. We were talking about starting new networks of churches in the region. I am really excited about what’s going on in Columbus as more and more leaders are asking themselves, what’s it going to take to see movements of reproducing churches in our city. I can’t wait to see.

During my visit, I was interviewed for the podcast, Son of a Church Planter. My friend Brandon Cruise talks to church planters and leaders. Brandon keeps it real in every interview. Here’s the one he did with me.