A Leadership Residency Story from Albania

Denis (left) and Daniel (right) embark on a new leadership residency in Albania.

This is Daniel. He’s a NewThing leadership resident in Albania.

My friend Denis is a lead pastor of a new church plant. He doesn’t have a lot of resources and he’s very busy leading his church.

But he does have a passion for the Kingdom and a desire to see the Jesus movement flourish in the Balkans. He understands that to see that happen will require his personal investment in new leaders. That’s why Denis is apprenticing Daniel and will help him plant a new church.

Denis wrote this:

We are enthusiastic to share with you that since this week we start the residency program in our church and network. We will host a young student in our church, he is student which I led to Christ and is moving to live in the Church and be together in life and ministry. I think that this i a good opportunity on the next 12 months to impart all of what God has done in my life in to His life for God’s Mission and Kingdom and His Church.


Daniel is the future of the church. We need to identify, equip and send as many Daniel’s as we can find.

I am grateful for the ethos of residency at NewThing. It’s out intentional effort to invest in the next generation of leaders. All of us at every church MUST invest in people like Daniel.

Do me a favor and PRAY for Daniel and Denis as they embark on this journey together.

And if you want to know more about how you can help Denis and Daniel plant a new church, please contact me.

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Find the Transferable principles

The opportunity to learn from someone else is one of the best ways to grow as a leader.

Whenever you get the opportunity to learn from someone else you should be looking for the transferable principles.  Continue reading “10 questions to help you identify transferable principles in a leadership residency”

328 Churches on Internships and Residencies

I had the privilege of participating in a recent Leadership Network study on internships and residencies. It was extra cool because so many NewThing churches participated in the same study.

The good news is that so many churches are taking leadership development seriously.

If you’re doing anything around residency, this report is worth your time.

2016 Leader Intern Report


How Leadership Residency Helps Churches Plant New Churches

NewThing is a catalyst for movements of reproducing churches. That means we want to see every church start new churches. And one of the ways we want to do that is through leadership residency. Residency is a powerful way for churches to plant new churches.

I did not become Christian until I was a young adult. I spent time in the Army and then had a successful career in business. Then I found my way back to God at a Community. I like to say I found both Jesus AND my mission at Community. I started on the leadership pathway that eventually led to church planting in Kansas City as a leadership resident.

Our dream was to plant a movement of new churches.

While planting in Kansas City with Restore Community Church, I leveraged experiences and gifts could help others plant new churches. I helped train and coach several leadership residents and helped more than 12 church plants launch.

Matt Miller was one of those residents.

Matt did his residency at three different churches before we sent him to plant New City Church in Shawnee, KS. Matt has continued reproducing and investing in residents. He has hosted several leadership residents at New City and released them to start new churches. New City now has two locations with plans for more locations soon. Matt is also a leader in our NewThing network in Kansas City. That network of approximately 10 churches has a vision to plant 100 churches in Kansas City.


All of this started because a few churches adopted the value of residency to plant more churches. At NewThing, we challenge all of our churches to have one resident per site per year. In this way we believe we will see more churches planting new churches.

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My Interview with Innovate for Jesus about Leadership Residency

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