Take Heart – Quitters are All Around You!

Is it time to quit?

Are you ready to throw in the towel?

Maybe you should. Maybe its time to be honest and end what you’ve started. It’s OK. Not everything works out the way you plan it. Some projects need to be trashed so you can get on to the next one.

But quitting is hard.

We don’t like to quit.

I don’t.

So if it’s time to quit, take heart…quitters are all around us.

  • A friend quit trying to be a pro-golfer. He was working his way into the pro tour and then something bad happened in his career and he quit. He went on to run a golf course.
  • My friend quit a book she was writing. She told me that it was the 10th or 11th time she’s started writing the same book and quit. Having quit again, she wondered if she was ever going to finish it. When she stopped trying to write the book she couldn’t finish she began blogging. Now she has hundreds of readers every day.
  • Another friend of mine quit his dream to be a famous artist because he got tired of living at poverty level wages. Now he has a career and sells his paintings on the side and it’s great.
  • I know another guy who couldn’t get his non-profit off the ground because he couldn’t find the time. After he quit, he was hired by a non-profit and he loves what he does.
  • A friend of mine quit trying to plant a church when he realized he wasn’t going to raise enough money nor build a big enough team to launch. He got a job on the staff of a big church and is making a huge impact.

All of these people had their reasons for quitting. I am not judging.

But quitting allowed them to get on to the next thing.

So take heart. If it’s time to quit, do it.

Now you can start the next thing.


Nobody Likes a Quitter – So Stop Being One

It’s not that I am so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer. – Albert Einstein

Nobody likes a quitter. So stop being one.

The first person to teach me that quitting wasn’t an option was my Dad.

I remember one time I was working on a science project. My father came home from work and stepped right into the argument I was having with my Mom about my science project. I was frustrated and threatened to quit. That’s when my Dad said, “nobody likes a quitter.”Dontquit

Fast forward 15 years. I was in basic training in the Army. I called my Dad. When he asked how I was doing I threatened that I was thinking of quitting.

“Nobody like a quitter,” he told me.

This has come full circle.

My 12-year-old son is now a wrestler. He’s learning the sport. He’s got a long way to go and he’s already lost several key matches. The other day I arrived home from traveling and asked about his day. He told me he’d been asked to wrestle a kid that already has five years of experience. When I asked him who won he told me ‘the other kid’ of course.

We had a 20-minute conversation in which he tried to persuade me that I should let him quit wrestling. I held firm and eventually brought out the hammer. “You can’t quit – because nobody likes a quitter.”

It’s almost like my Dad turned quitter into a dirty word. And now I’ve done the same with my son.

I know this might come across as harsh (or obvious). But it’s an important lesson.

We need to learn that in some things, quitting is NOT an option. My son needs to learn this. You and I need to learn this. In some areas of our lives, we’ve simply got to put our heads down and get it done.

You’ve got important and possibly world-changing challenges in front of you. You want to quit.

What you need to realize is that quitting isn’t an option.

Because nobody likes a quitter.

What about you? What lessons have you learned about quitting? In what ways are you overcoming your penchant for quitting.

Confession of A Serial Quitter

Are you a quitter? images

What I am learning is that people who like to start new things also quit too easy.

Starters want to make a difference in the world. We have great ideas. We have big plans. We start lots of cool things.

But we also quit – a lot. We struggle to finish.

Take me for instance. I am a starter.  I like to start new things. I am an entrepreneur. I am apostolic. The truth is that I find it impossible to NOT start new things.

But I am also a quitter.

I get bored easily. I like being on the move. I start something cool and then sure enough, I get excited about something new. (It’s totally that squirrel thing.) This means that I start far more things than I finish.

This quitting habit of mine is showing up in other areas of my life.

  • I have a closet of unfinished writing projects. My guess is that there are 20 novels and probably another 20 books. None of them finished. This doesn’t include all of the stories and the articles I’ve drafted out but have never managed to finish.
  • My bookshelves are filled with books I haven’t finished reading. My Kindle is starting to fill-up with dozens of titles that I haven’t finished reading.
  • I have kept a personal journal since I was 18. The problem is that I have hundreds of different journals because I can never finish the journal I have. I have tossed them in a box never to be seen again.
  • I have about 5 non-profit organizations I’d like to start. I have no plans in place to finish them.
  • Recently I’ve quit watching movies. I don’t mean I am fasting from movies. I mean that I am finding it harder and harder to finish movies once I’ve started them. Unless I am at the movie theater, there is a good chance I will grow bored with a film I am watching.
  • The same is true of television shows. I started watching a wonderful series on the history channel, only to lose interest after the first season. I started watching House of Cards. Only to lost interest.
  • I find it was getting easier to quit conversations. When they became boring I simply quit them.

About the only things I’ve never quit are my marriage (thank God), education and running!

Yep, there is no doubt about it: I am a quitter in most areas of my life.

And what I am learning is that my recovery begins with admitting all of this. Because once you admit you’re a quitter, you can start doing something about it. Admitting you’re a quitter is the first step to becoming a finisher.

I am going on a journey to become a finisher. I’ve been doing lots of research and I’ve got some cool things to share to help us all finish more of what we start. So stay tuned as I write on this topic.

What about you?  What have you quit?

What would it look like for you to admit you’re a quitter so you can start learning how to become a finisher?

Are You Inspiring?

One of the definitions of inspiration is: To stimulate to action; motivate.

Now we all know, there are lots of ways to inspire people. And most church planters I know want to inspire people. So my question is this: How do you know if you’re inspiring people? 

Let’s admit, there are lots of metrics you can use to gauge whether you are a good leader. There are lots of ways to measure success and impact. You will need to choose some and stick with them.

But the most important is this: Are you inspiring people to trust and live like Jesus?

So how do you know?

Start here. Take a good look around you. What are the people who you lead doing? What is the orientation of the people around you? Are they following hard after Jesus? Because this is what you’re to help them do? Be honest.

If you’re not, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you pointing them to Jesus?
  • Have you asked them to the Jesus mission or your mission?
  • Have you given them real opportunity in the mission?
  • Have you given then permission to do what God is calling them to for the mission?
  • Are you helping them dream BIG?

One of the responsibilities of leadership is inspire.. to motivate, cause or bring about…to literally breathe life into. This is our opportunity!

Church planting, then, must be about helping gather and scatter GOD’s people for HIS mission. Best not to confuse it with anything else. And when you do this, you will know that you are inspiring people.

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And thanks for reading. I really appreciate it.