Join us for the NewThing Gathering in Chicago Monday, November 6th!

The FREE NewThing Gathering is Monday, November 6 from 10:30am to 5:30pm, followed by an exclusive dinner at EMPIRE at 6:30pm.

I am stoked.

We are committed to building relationships that catalyze reproducing. That’s why we host a NewThing Gathering twice a year.

If you’re in Chicago you are most welcome to join us. See, the Gathering is OPEN. That means we want to invite leaders who are interested in multiplication and church planting. It would also be a great opportunity for you to invite leaders from other churches or ministries who should know more about NewThing. NewThing is a BIG tent!

The Gathering is for everyone on your team because in order to reproduce the BIG you have to reproduce at EVERY level and on every team.

Here are more reasons you should come:

  •  We have leaders from all over North America coming (and a few of our global partners will be there).
  • We have great workshops planned for everyone on your team. These will be engaging and meaningful training opportunities for leaders.
  • We have some great speakers who will inspire and challenge you: Albert Tate, Dave Dummitt, Dave Ferguson and Bob Bouwer.
  • There will be food!
  • But mostly it will be a great time to hang out and build relationships.
  • It all culminates with a great night of celebration at Empire.

GO HERE to Register! It’s FREE!

See you next week!

2015 NewThing by The Numbers

We had our annual NewThing Gathering in Chicago last week. It was awesome. Almost 300 people from NewThing churches joined us. Another 1o0 leaders joined us for our 1 Day. Churches from as far away at Africa and Europe sent leaders.

During our Gathering, I shared some of the highlights from the year…

2015 started with a bang in January in Africa. A group of us gathered in Nairobi to discuss how we can partner together to catalyze movements all over the world.  Our teams left Africa inspired and encouraged. We divided the world into 9 regions. Each of those regions will have two apostolic leaders who use their influence and leverage relationships to start more movements.  We also developed an operations team that would meet once per month.

We left Nairobi with several goals..

  1. to have 10,000 reproducing churches in our movement by the year 2020.
  2. We want to work together to ensure that every site and every location would have a leadership resident.
  3. We also agreed to create and start a global residency exchange program. We call these people the Jason Bourne’s of our movement. These residents will train cross-culturally and learn the best practices from across the world so they can plant a new movement. Imagine a new thing church being planted in Berlin, led by an African who has trained in the US and India. Or an American, trained in Africa and India so they can plant in Southeast Asia. Our goal is to train 40 global leadership residents each year. Awesome!
  4. We agreed that we would pray and fast together. Our first global prayer and fasting day was June 9th. We are planning another day of Prayer and Fasting on Pentecost Sunday, May 15th.
  5. We formed a global operations team, led by yours truly, that meets once a month to work on those objectives.

Here are the numbers…

  • There are 27 networks in NewThing in North America, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, India and Southeast Asia
  • We have Apostolic leaders for 3 regions: North America, Central Asia and sub-Saharan Africa
  • Right now we have 260 churches in NewThing
  • We have 230 residents.
  • Our first Global Residency Cohort will start training in Africa in 2016. We have a goal of 6 residents.

Other things going on at NewThing that I know you will find interesting include…

  • Matt Millar joined me in Chicago to apprentice as our first Regional Director (Africa) for 1 year.
  • We have begun a Leadership Residency Matching Fund. This fund will match residents up to 20k. This is a matching fund and we are asking residents to pay it forward to another resident in the future.
  • Joe Wilson continues to travel the world starting new networks. I went to Thailand with him in September and we trained 100 leaders from Lao. Since then he’s been in El Salvador and back to Albania
  • We kicked off another Leading a Reproducing Network Training in November.
  • In January, we launched the first NewThing Leadership Training Center in Chicago with 12 residents. Our next cohort starts in January and we will have residents joining us remotely from other networks.

Well I hope that helps you understand where we are as a movement. 2015 has been a great year. 2016 is shaping up to be even better!

Here is the video: