Let’s Connect at Exponential West

Are you going to be at Exponential West next week? You should. It’s a great opportunity to learn from Kingdom leaders, network and be inspired. 

NewThing will be there and I’d love to connect with you. Here are some ways we can do that:

  • Attend one of the WORKSHOPS I am hosting. I promise they’re going to be fun and inspiring!
  • Stop by our NewThing BOOTH. We’ve got something really special planned there so be sure to check it out.
  • Join us for a SLICE at our FREE Pizza Party Wednesday afternoon. Dave and Jon Ferguson will be there along with other peeps from our team. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help you catalyze church planting. Bring your teams!
  • And if you’re REALLY interested in partnering with us (#Kingdom) then plan to attend our FREE VIP Dinner on WEDNESDAY NIGHT. Seating is limited. Come and see us at our BOOTH to get your ticket.

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Celebration Generosity – NewThing Network Training

I am REALLY excited about Celebration Generosity at Community this year because it will coincide with the recording of a brand new Community Music album. It’s gonna be great!celgen

CelGen is the time when all of Community’s locations give away the weekend offering to 4 teams. (Talk about generosity!)

NewThing is one of those teams. If you want to be part of CelGen, GO HERE.

To help people get to know NewThing a little better, we’ve been sending out stories on who we are and what we’re up to. I thought it would be fun to share some here.

This is from Eric Metcalf, Residency Director about our ‘LARN’ Training.


Generosity Reproduced: Leading A Reproducing Network

Leading a Reproducing Network…that’s what we call it. What’s it? It’s LARN. What is LARN? We’re glad you asked!

About 3 years ago we had an epiphany about NewThing: we wondered what it might look like to teach other churches how to reproducing their own church planting networks. This is when we came up with the concept of LARN; which stands for “Leading A Reproducing Network”. Now we realize it’s not necessarily the greatest name, and maybe Justin Timberlake’s character from The Social Network might walk up to us and say “drop THE from Facebook” J. But for now, LARN is LARN, and LARN is killing it. Allow us to explain how and why.

Essentially a high-impact, just-beginning-to-reproduce church contacts us and asks how they might be part of NewThing. We say to them, “You can be in NewThing if you go on a 12 month journey with us.” This 12 month journey equals:

  •       Relationships: 5-7 church teams that come for one in-person meeting with the NewThing Catalyst Team in Chicago for 24 hours.
  •       Training: Equipping from Dave & Jon Ferguson + NewThing Catalyst Team for 6 sessions discussing our Exponential book.
  •       Coaching: Six Q & A coaching sessions with a host from the NewThing Catalyst Team.
  •       Reproducing: The development of an action learning plan which leads to Lead Pastor and their team launching a church planting network, a Leadership Residency Program and new churches.

And so far, we have launched new church planting networks in Norway, Philippines, India, Chicago, Indiana, Michigan, Georgia, Tennessee, Africa, and beyond! In fact, part of our NewThing Catalyst Team just got done meeting with a church that is dreaming about launching a church planting network and Leadership Residency Program in rural Wisconsin. Which led to a conversation about them joining our LARN #5 Cohort that launches November 1st! In fact let me share with you a quote from Dave Clayton, Lead Pastor of Ethos Church, who went through our LARN #3 Cohort:

“LARN was the perfect catalyst for helping our team take the next steps towards becoming a more effective reproducing church. The monthly cohort provided the content and accountability needed for us to identify the next steps in our context under the guidance of seasoned and current practitioners. It was an amazing experience that I highly recommend for anyone interested church multiplication.”   – Dave Clayton

You can learn more about CelGen HERE.

You can learn more about NewThing HERE.

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3 Reasons People Attend an Event

Events can build momentum for your organization or cause.

If you’re planning a big event it behooves you to keep in mind the three reasons people attend an event.

  1. Speakers. People will come to an event to hear other people speak. The people speaking need to have something unique, important or provoking to say.
  2. Location. People want convenience. They want the location to be convenient and accessible. Consider the event location carefully.
  3. Sponsoring Organization. People will attend an event based on the reputation of the entity sponsoring it. If your organization is lesser known, you will to work harder to publicize and market.

Events require great planning, resources and execution.

When done well they move things forward.

When done poorly, well…


What Does Radical Generosity Look Like?

How do you help people at your church grow in their generosity?

I was grateful to be part of Celebration Generosity at Community Christian this weekend. This once a year event is, well, a celebration of generosity. COMMUNITY gives away all of its offering for the entire weekend to four causes they believe in. For the past five years this has consistently been their largest offering! And they give it away!

NewThing is one of these causes and as the new Director I am humbled and appreciative for the financial support we receive. It’s vital to our mission of being a catalyst for a movement of reproducing churches.

So what’s this got to do with me you’re asking?

Great question.

I want you to see how generosity increases when you demonstrate radical generosity. You might be nodding your head and saying, yeah–that’s right. And I suspect you’ve had to talk about giving with people and somewhere along the way you’ve told them God blesses generosity. Indeed, he does.

But are you giving people in your church plant the opportunity to see generosity?

If you really want people to grow in their generosity then one of the best things you can do is show them what it looks like. Perhaps it means giving away an entire weekend’s offering…or more. Perhaps it’s committing to a cause in your community with real dollars.

And keep in mind this isn’t about the amount. I know brand new churches that give so much away they have trouble balancing their budget. While it’s not wise to do this, it is evidence they ‘get’ radical generosity.

My point is that generosity isn’t a private affair. The more you can help people see all of the ways God calls the church the be generous, the more you help them see more clearly their own path to greater generosity.

Celebration Generosity is COMMUNITY’s way of being generous and teaching generosity. I invite you to think through what your own radical generosity might look like. If you need any help with that, let me know.

Here’s a bit I did for CelGen casting a bit of vision for NewThing. 

Seriously, what would it look like for you to show the people in your church what radical generosity looks like?

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