Join us for the NewThing Gathering in Chicago Monday, November 6th!

The FREE NewThing Gathering is Monday, November 6 from 10:30am to 5:30pm, followed by an exclusive dinner at EMPIRE at 6:30pm.

I am stoked.

We are committed to building relationships that catalyze reproducing. That’s why we host a NewThing Gathering twice a year.

If you’re in Chicago you are most welcome to join us. See, the Gathering is OPEN. That means we want to invite leaders who are interested in multiplication and church planting. It would also be a great opportunity for you to invite leaders from other churches or ministries who should know more about NewThing. NewThing is a BIG tent!

The Gathering is for everyone on your team because in order to reproduce the BIG you have to reproduce at EVERY level and on every team.

Here are more reasons you should come:

  •  We have leaders from all over North America coming (and a few of our global partners will be there).
  • We have great workshops planned for everyone on your team. These will be engaging and meaningful training opportunities for leaders.
  • We have some great speakers who will inspire and challenge you: Albert Tate, Dave Dummitt, Dave Ferguson and Bob Bouwer.
  • There will be food!
  • But mostly it will be a great time to hang out and build relationships.
  • It all culminates with a great night of celebration at Empire.

GO HERE to Register! It’s FREE!

See you next week!

5 Thing to Consider Before Agreeing to Host Your Next Event

Church planters find it easy to say yes to an events. We tend to think that if we need to inform, inspire or recruit people that we need an event to do it.

Examples I’ve seen include…

  • Holding a contributor fair when you need more volunteers.
  • Having a gathering to help a local community partner.
  • Hosting an a leader recruitment event because you need more

Be honest, it’s easy to get sucked into event planning as a church planter. After all, we like gathering people together. We like inspiring people and we like having fun!

But events aren’t always the right answer. The fact is events sometimes don’t work. People don’t come; things go wrong; plans go awry.

An effective event takes careful planning and hard work from you and your team. If they’re done well, they can inspire people and catalyze momentum. But if they’re done poorly, the can drain resources, time and de-motivate your team.

Committing to host an event is a big deal. And even the smallest of gathering needs some pre-planning. So I am saying slow down and ask yourself questions before you toss in for one.

Here are 5 things I suggest you consider before agreeing your next event…

  1. Why are you having this event? What will a win look like? Be specific.
  2. How will this event help your cause? Will people be informed, inspired–both? It’s OK but you need to know before you start planning.
  3. Who needs to be invited and why?
  4. Will this be a one time occurrence or is it ongoing?
  5. What will this event cost? In time, money and energy? Is it worth it? Is there a better way for you to achieve your desired results?

Hopefully considering some of these things will help you determine whether to do your next event.

What about you? What have you learned about when to say yes to an event and when you shouldn’t?

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