A Leadership Residency Story from Albania

Denis (left) and Daniel (right) embark on a new leadership residency in Albania.

This is Daniel. He’s a NewThing leadership resident in Albania.

My friend Denis is a lead pastor of a new church plant. He doesn’t have a lot of resources and he’s very busy leading his church.

But he does have a passion for the Kingdom and a desire to see the Jesus movement flourish in the Balkans. He understands that to see that happen will require his personal investment in new leaders. That’s why Denis is apprenticing Daniel and will help him plant a new church.

Denis wrote this:

We are enthusiastic to share with you that since this week we start the residency program in our church and network. We will host a young student in our church, he is student which I led to Christ and is moving to live in the Church and be together in life and ministry. I think that this i a good opportunity on the next 12 months to impart all of what God has done in my life in to His life for God’s Mission and Kingdom and His Church.


Daniel is the future of the church. We need to identify, equip and send as many Daniel’s as we can find.

I am grateful for the ethos of residency at NewThing. It’s out intentional effort to invest in the next generation of leaders. All of us at every church MUST invest in people like Daniel.

Do me a favor and PRAY for Daniel and Denis as they embark on this journey together.

And if you want to know more about how you can help Denis and Daniel plant a new church, please contact me.

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Signs of church planting movements in Germany

Something wonderful and beautiful is going on in Germany from a Kingdom perspective.

After talking with several German leaders in recent days, I sense new churches are going to be planted all over that country. And this is going to have tremendous impact on Europe and maybe the world. 

Here are some of my observations/notes from my  conversations with these leaders:

  1. Germany plays a significant role in Europe. As Germany goes, so goes Europe. Whatever is happening there will spill-over to other countries. #Kingdomwin
  2. Many German churches work globally. This means they are well versed with church planting methodologies from other cultures and contexts.
  3. There is a renewed sense of solidarity around MISSION. This is right and good for it will permit leaders the opportunity to work together to plant more churches. Denominations and doctrine are important. But we need to be able to find the opportunities to partner rather than those issues that divide us.
  4. These leaders are praying for Germany – together – and inviting others to join them.
  5. Young German leaders are emerging. We have been joined by a number of German leadership residents at Community. They want to start movements of reproducing churches. There is a new generation of leaders in Germany and they’re dreaming BIG dreams.
  6. German leaders are asking themselves THE KEY QUESTION: what do we need to do differently to multiply churches?
  7. German networks have great systems and training tracks for church planters. (Does anyone want to dispute the fact that Germans are great engineers.) Once the ‘what’ comes into focus, they will bring all of this to bear.
  8. German churches are well resourced. No church is rich, but German churches exist in the German economy, one of the best in Europe.
  9. Conferences are bringing leaders together. German leaders are gathering together.
  10. German leaders believe something is happening! They just need to be encouraged to dream and affirmed that they can do it.

Look, I am an American and I am making all of these observations from the United States so what do I know. I am planning to travel to Germany early next year to see for myself. But in the meantime, I can’t help but be inspired by what I am hearing.

Do me a favor and pray for Germany right now!

And if you want to find out how you can partner with NewThing please contact us.

Join us for the NewThing Gathering in Chicago Monday, November 6th!

The FREE NewThing Gathering is Monday, November 6 from 10:30am to 5:30pm, followed by an exclusive dinner at EMPIRE at 6:30pm.

I am stoked.

We are committed to building relationships that catalyze reproducing. That’s why we host a NewThing Gathering twice a year.

If you’re in Chicago you are most welcome to join us. See, the Gathering is OPEN. That means we want to invite leaders who are interested in multiplication and church planting. It would also be a great opportunity for you to invite leaders from other churches or ministries who should know more about NewThing. NewThing is a BIG tent!

The Gathering is for everyone on your team because in order to reproduce the BIG you have to reproduce at EVERY level and on every team.

Here are more reasons you should come:

  •  We have leaders from all over North America coming (and a few of our global partners will be there).
  • We have great workshops planned for everyone on your team. These will be engaging and meaningful training opportunities for leaders.
  • We have some great speakers who will inspire and challenge you: Albert Tate, Dave Dummitt, Dave Ferguson and Bob Bouwer.
  • There will be food!
  • But mostly it will be a great time to hang out and build relationships.
  • It all culminates with a great night of celebration at Empire.

GO HERE to Register! It’s FREE!

See you next week!

Congrats 2|42: Growing Fast with an Eye on the Kingdom!

Here’s my HUGE shout out to Dave Dummitt and the team at 2|42 Community Church in Michigan! They have once again made the list of Outreach’s Fastest Growing Churches.

While this is a notable, there is more. Dave is also the North American Director for NewThing. He and his team have a BIG vision to help start 1,000 reproducing churches. This all originates from Dave’s fierce vision to help people know Jesus.

I have learned much working with Dave and  I love the opportunity I have to work with him and his team. Congrats 2|42! 

Called to Plant a Church? This Might Help

I have the privilege to speak to men and woman who are being called to start new things for the Kingdom. I am always inspired after hearing how God is working in their lives; challenging them to move outside of their comfort zone and follow Jesus. It’s because of them that we get new churches.

I’ve learned a few things during these conversations and identified some principles about calling.

One of our strategic partners at NewThing is The Aspen Group. I recently sat down with them to talk about this topic for their Alignment Conference Podcast series.

If you’re thinking of planting a church, it might help.

Check it the full article and podcast HERE.

Here’s the Soundcloud Link.