A Day in the Life of NewThing

Yesterday I was scanning Facebook and came across several events that were happening at NewThing. What struck me is the breadth and scope of what God is doing through our movement. Here’s what I saw:

NewThing Leaders in Indiana

NewThing leaders in Indianapolis met to work on plans to plant new churches all over Indiana. They are dreaming BIG and partnering on a number of levels. This group started with a Catalyst Community.

NewThing Leaders in Kansas City met for their monthly movement / network leader huddle. This is an opportunity for them to check in with each other about their plans to plant churches together. They also take tine to pray for one another. The KC network has been one of our most inspiring networks for a long time. They haven’t let up on the throttle at all.

NewThing Leaders in Kansas City
Dave Ferguson Meeting with German Leaders
Dave Ferguson in Germany

Our fearless leader, Dave Ferguson, is traveling through Germany meeting leaders who want to plant new churches. He’s speaking at conferences and talking about ways NewThing can help fuel movements.

Our Global Catalyst Community team led by Joe Wilson is helping leaders in El Salvador start new reproducing networks. God is truly doing some incredible things through this platform. We have plans to scale this training and help apostolic leaders across the globe reproduce new leaders and churches.

NewThing Catalyst Community in El Salvador

In fact, there was lots more. We’re working with pastors in Chicago to start new networks. Our partners in Michigan are meeting to talk about how they can work together.

All of this really took me by surprise. I mean I am the Global Director of this fantastic organization (just sayin’) and I know all of this stuff is going on. But it doesn’t mean all of this reproducing stuff has gotten old. Nor does it mean that I don’t lose my breath when I actually get to see and hear about all that God is doing.

I’ll admit that sometimes it’s hard to lead an organization like NewThing because I don’t always get to see what God’s up to.

So I want to THANK YOU for all of the leaders all over the world who have said yes to NewThing and are now catalyzing church planting. (And thanks for posting photos so I can see it all! ) Your leadership is why our movement is literally exploding.

Together, we truly are better!


May we continue to give God all the praise and glory for all that He’s up to in the world. Amen.

Churches must network together, here’s why

It was Paul Hiebert who first proposed that the bounded set and centered sets could help us identify who is and who is not a Christian. (See Conversion, Culture and Cognitive Categories Hiebert 1978.)

While the debate around bounded set and centered set is appropriate for conversion, I think this language can help our conversation about movement as well.

The big challenge for us in the Western Church is that we haven’t seen movement in a long time.

Why not?

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Exciting news – Alan Hirsch, NewThing Movement Mentor

Ok I am excited!

I am really, really excited to have the incomparable Alan Hirsch join our NewThing team as our Movement Mentor.

Alan is a gift to the church and has a unique calling. He will continue in his roles with 100 movements and Forge, two outstanding organizations. In addition, he will now be speaking into NewThing and for that I am grateful.

Alan is the premiere thought leader on movement and church multiplication. His books have influenced so many of us to see the church as movement and shift paradigms to achieve it. His best known work, The Forgotten Ways is seminal and remains a clarion call for the church to embrace it’s true apostolic calling.

Some of the first books I read about movement were Alan’s. Much of his thinking has influenced me and challenged me. Later on I had the privilege of studying under him at Wheaton College.  I consider him a personal mentor and a dear friend and can’t wait to learn more from him.

Specifically, Alan will mentor our NewThing leaders about movement and help us start new networks through our Leading a Reproducing Network training. This will fuel our efforts get after the Jesus Mission by catalyzing more church planting all over the world.

Alan writes:

It’s exciting for me to announce that I am taking up a more formal role with the leadership of LARN and beyond that in the work of NewThing Network. In my opinion, NewThing is one of the healthiest and fastest growing multiplication movements in Western contexts. I genuinely love the team of big hearted and big vision leaders that together form the leadership of the movement. I have been working with them since close to its inception around ten years ago. I have written a book with Dave Ferguson and have directly and indirectly contributed to the vigor of the burgeoning network. It will be a joy to contribute even more directly in the future.

Can you tell, I am really excited to have him as part of our team!

If you’re ready to jump in with us, please contact NewThing here.

CLICK HERE for more about Alan Hirsch.
CLICK HERE for more about our LARN Training.

Celebration Generosity – NewThing Global

I am REALLY excited about Celebration Generosity at Community this year because it will coincide with the recording of a brand new Community Music album. It’s gonna be great!

CelGen is the time when all of Community’s locations give away the weekend offering to 4 teams. (Talk about generosity!)

NewThing is one of those teams. If you want to be part of CelGen, GO HERE.

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Celebration Generosity – NewThing Global Residency

I am REALLY excited about Celebration Generosity at Community this year because it will coincide with the recording of a brand new Community Music album. It’s gonna be great!celgen

CelGen is the time when all of Community’s locations give away the weekend offering to 4 teams. (Talk about generosity!)

NewThing is one of those teams. If you want to be part of CelGen, GO HERE.

To help people get to know NewThing a little better, we’ve been sending out stories on who we are and what we’re up to. I thought it would be fun to share some here.

This is from Cathleen Rotich, Global Residency Director.


Generosity Goes Global: Global Residency

NewThing is a global conversation about church planting. Celebration Generosity is helping us equip and send young leaders to start reproducing churches all over the world. One of the ways we’re doing this is through our Global Residency Program

Our dream began as a conversation…what if we could train church planters…not just any church planter but those who could plant cross culturally…and not just that but that it be a cross cultural team training together and then plant together…and what if they could be trained in more than one church culture setting so that the training is not just theoretical but in-situ and practical in every sense of the word?

Celebration Generosity has allowed us to make a dream a reality. gr-2016-copy

Our NewThing Global Residency-July cohort kicked off in Nairobi, Kenya. A group of three couples and a single guy responded to this call for gospel adventure and started the journey together. This group of men and women have left the familiar to step into new territory and are being prepared to plant a church in a global gateway city around the globe.

The NewThing Global Residency Program involves many church networks coming together to create an environment of cross cultural exchange and learning. These global networks, host the Global Residents and expose them to church leadership in that cultural setting. The outcome expected is that the global resident with a broader world view of the global church. In this way, they are being prepared to plant a thriving church in a gateway city; which is defined as those cities around the world that have multiple cultures within it for example, New York, London, Dubai and Johannesburg.

This pioneer group consists of

  • Karan and Isha, an Indian family with two boys. He has led a ministry that has planted multiple churches in North India under tough circumstances.
  • Charles and Chero, are a Kenyan couple who have served for the past five years as church planters in a coastal city in Kenya. They bring church planting experience to the team.
  • Travis and Jen an American Couple, have travelled the farthest from Michigan, US to be part of the team and we get to enjoy the flavor of the North American church.
  • Justin, a Kenyan Church planter, who moved to Johannesburg and served in the Anglican Church for about 5 years before returning to Kenya. Justine’s desire for global missions and planting is tangible and he brings youth and flexibility and a lot of cross cultural experience.

Together, these residents paint a beautiful picture of Christs’ church reaching the utmost parts of the world and the power of unity!

Our goal is to train 40 of these Global Residents per year. Your generosity during Celebration Generosity will help us do just that!

–Cathleen Rotich, Global Residency Champion

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