My Interview with Son of a Church Planter

Last week I was in Columbus, Ohio hanging out with church leaders and church planters. We were talking about starting new networks of churches in the region. I am really excited about what’s going on in Columbus as more and more leaders are asking themselves, what’s it going to take to see movements of reproducing churches in our city. I can’t wait to see.

During my visit, I was interviewed for the podcast, Son of a Church Planter. My friend Brandon Cruise talks to church planters and leaders. Brandon keeps it real in every interview. Here’s the one he did with me.

My Q&A with Exponential

I am excited about the Exponential Conference in April. If you are church planting or want to church plant you MUST attend this conference!

Recently, I did an interview with the peeps from Expo (who are awesome by the way). CLICK HERE to read it.

If you’re going to Exponential, then I’d love to see you at our NewThing events!

For the Kingdom!

My Interview with Innovate for Jesus about Leadership Residency

I had the privilege of being on Innovate for Jesus Live with Justin Blaney and Jessie Vaca today. We talked about NewThing and leadership residency and church planting. Check it out. And a big thanks to Justin for the invitation!


Benefits of Doing a Leadership Residency

I am a strong advocate that anyone wanting to plant a church do a leadership residency at a church that is actually planting churches. Therefore, I am always looking for opportunities to talk about the benefits of a leadership residency.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with several leadership residents at Community to learn more about their experience. I was particularly interested in what each would tell me the benefits of doing a leadership residency BEFORE planting a church.

While each residency is unique, here are some of the specific benefits these residents mentioned:

  • “The residency was an opportunity to do real life in a church plant BEFORE doing it on my own. Reading about planting churches or talking to people about it is one thing. Actually doing it is another.”
  • “The residency was an invaluable opportunity for him to grow as a leader; to learn about his own strengths and weaknesses.”
  • “The residency helped me set the right expectations about my leadership abilities and compare it to what I would need as a church planter. It helped me understand the gap in my leadership and gave me an opportunity to close it.”
  • “The residency gave me the opportunity to do actual ministry in a church planting context. I got to see first-hand how ministry in a  church plant is different from that in an established church.”
  • “The residency allowed me to hit the ground running in my own church planting project.”
  • “The residency gave me the opportunity to walk alongside someone else actually planting a church and learn from their successes and failures.”
  • “The residency allowed me the opportunity to be part of larger spiritual story that God was writing in the people around me.”
  • “The residency allowed me the opportunity to impact the local campus-context while I am training. I was actually able to do some good while training.”
  • “During the residency I was able to increase my relational network.”
  • “The residency gave me plenty of opportunity for personal growth and development via my 1 on 1 meetings with my lead planter.”
  • “The residency provided me the opportunity to do ministry without the pressure of actually doing ministry.”

If you’re planting a church, what would it take for you to consider a leadership residency?

If you’ve done a leadership residency, what has been the biggest benefit?

If you want to consider doing a leadership residency at a NewThing church, please contact me. I’d love to talk to you more about it.

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Exponential West Coast 2013 “Round-Up” : Interviews

I am hanging out at Exponential West this week representing NewThing and trying to learn all I can to help you plant great churchesexponential

I’ll be taking good notes and I will undoubtedly return with a ton of material to write about.

So while I am away, I thought it would be a good week to “Round-Up” some of my favorite and/or most popular posts.

Today I’ve Rounded-Up some interviews I’ve done with strategists and missiologists at FORGE. My goal during these interviews is to showcase thinkers and practitioners and ask them questions with you in mind. Each of them has something valuable to offer.

So without further ado…

Here is my interview with Kim Hammond. Kim is Director of Forge America.

Here is my interview with Lance Ford . Lance is co-founder of the Sentralized Conference and part of the Kansas City Hub of Forge.

Here is my interview with Brad Brisco . Brad is the co-found of the Sentralized Conference and also with Forge Kansas City.

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