Why Glue?

Glue: (1) a hard, impure, protein gelatin, obtained by boiling skins, hoofs, and other animal substances in water, that when melted or diluted is a strong adhesive. (2) any of various solutions or preparations of this substance, used as an adhesive any of various other solutions or preparations that can be used as adhesives.

Glue keeps things together. It makes stuff work. It brings together things that may not normally be put together and binds them. It gets in the all nooks and crannies and fills it up to ensure that whatever you are trying to put together stays that way.

That’s why its really cool to be launching Mission Glue.

I am a business guy and a Church planter.  Glued together.

It’s my hope that to start things off here, we have a healthy discussion of the challenges, the needs and most of all the solutions to help ‘The Church’ plant healthy and organized churches.

Stay tuned.