Let’s Learn to Lead Cross-Culturally

As the gospel has spread across the world, it has united the body as never before. As globalization becomes normative, the church must rise to the challenge.

What does this mean for you?

Very simply this: If you are a leader in the church you must learn how to lead cross-culturally.

Whereas in the past this might have been optional, it is no longer true. Moreover, the church has a real opportunity here to be the first to go globally. We are the universal body of Christ, and therefore we can lead the way.

Let’s do this!

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Author: Patrick

Patrick O'Connell is the Global Director of NewThing. He is passionate about helping people start new things. He didn't grow up in church. He dabbled in atheism and punk rock (which he still loves) but eventually found his way back to God. He wants to leverage his knowledge, experiences and understanding of church planting and Kingdom to help people find and follow Jesus. He's sold out for the mission of God and believes that the church is the hope of the world. He's married to Nancy and they have three great kids. He likes to run, read and hangout with friends.

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