The Right Leaders Catalyze Reproducing

I’ve noticed that the right leaders catalyze reproducing. That’s why so much of the success of our work at NewThing depends on finding the right leaders. Once we find the right leaders we come alongside them and help them do what they’re already wired to do: grow the Kingdom.

I don’t intend to be judge of good leaders or bad leaders. Nor do I claim some exclusive insight into who the right leaders are. But I do know that we to achieve the Jesus Mission we need more of the right leaders.

So who is a right leader?


I love this image for it depicts how great leaders actually lead. The BOSS is really just in it for him or herself.

The right leaders expends their relational equity to expand the Kingdom. They are willing to solicit and enlist other leaders to join networks that can collectively achieve multiplication.

The right leader is building the Kingdom and not their castle. They submit everything  – and I mean everything – to furthering the Kingdom. The right leaders have aspiration for the Kingdom that supersede their desire for church growth or personal platform. For these leaders, it’s all about the #kingdomwin.

The right leaders help others plant new churches. They don’t just plant new sites or new churches, they are actively helping others plant their churches. In this way, the right leader is focused on impact and legacy through church planting.

I am convinced a few of the right leaders working together in a city, region or country will grow the Kingdom.

If you think you’re the ‘right leader’ maybe NewThing can help? Let’s talk.

Author: Patrick

Patrick O'Connell is the Global Director of NewThing. He is passionate about helping people start new things. He didn't grow up in church. He dabbled in atheism and punk rock (which he still loves) but eventually found his way back to God. He wants to leverage his knowledge, experiences and understanding of church planting and Kingdom to help people find and follow Jesus. He's sold out for the mission of God and believes that the church is the hope of the world. He's married to Nancy and they have three great kids. He likes to run, read and hangout with friends.

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