Planting Churches in Nicaragua

Something beautiful happens when church planting and helping kids out of poverty are combined.

So when NewThing was afforded the opportunity to partner with Compassion International to plant new churches in Nicaragua and help kids out of poverty, we jumped at the chance.


Because these new churches become the lighthouse for a community where not only do people hear the gospel, but it becomes tangible as children are helped out of poverty. 

It’s a win – win situation for sure!

I just went on a trip with other NewThing leaders to see visit to the churches we’ve helped start in and around Managua.

I was moved and inspired by what we experienced.

Nicaragua is a beautiful country, full of diversity: oceans, and lakes, volcanoes and cities. Yet, there are areas of desperate poverty.

I am happy to report not only is NewThing helping planting new churches, but hundreds of children have already been sponsored by NewThing churches and now have an opportunity to get out of poverty.

We met with the pastors of the churches we helped to plant. We learned how the Compassion International helps children out of poverty in the name of Jesus.

We toured the new churches and visited with Compassion leaders to better understand their work. 

We also visited families benefitting from sponsorship. They explained how the Compassion program was truly helping address their physical needs while the church addresses their spiritual needs. They were grateful to be part of it. While we prayed for each other I knew that this was something God was in and that we were going to plant as many churches as possible for other families.

Equally exciting for our team was the opportunity to meet with pastors and leaders in Nicaragua learn from them. Many of these leaders are dreaming of starting more churches.

Planting a new church in a hurting community and providing a way for children to get out of poverty is a powerful combination. I was humbled and grateful that God was opening this door for NewThing.

This is just the start of our partnership with Compassion. We will be working with Compassion and local leaders to plant new churches and network existing ones together. We are finalizing details on new initiatives so more churches can partner with us. We have BIG plans and we are looking for partners.

Here’s where you come in.  Join us!

We are looking for partners to plant more churches in Nicaragua that will reach new people with the gospel and help more kids out of poverty. This is a great way for your church to do both. Your commitment is to help start a new church and sponsor kids.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Together we will build a strong relationship with both the leaders and the congregation of these churches. This will lead to friendship and more wins for the Kingdom.

To learn how you can plant churches with us in Nicaragua and help kids out of poverty, contact our Coordinator, Jim Melton at

Our partnership with Compassion is another example of how NewThing is catalyzing movements all over the world!

Author: Patrick

Patrick O'Connell is the Global Director of NewThing. He is passionate about helping people start new things. He didn't grow up in church. He dabbled in atheism and punk rock (which he still loves) but eventually found his way back to God. He wants to leverage his knowledge, experiences and understanding of church planting and Kingdom to help people find and follow Jesus. He's sold out for the mission of God and believes that the church is the hope of the world. He's married to Nancy and they have three great kids. He likes to run, read and hangout with friends.

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