Preach the Gospel…to Yourself

Have you heard the Good News lately? The news about Jesus?

If you haven’t maybe you ought to preach it to yourself right now. 

This is something I’ve been contending  after reading Jerry Bridges’ book, The Discipline of Grace.  Bridges devotes all of chapter three of his book to this topic.

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the two forgotten traits of great leaders

They are GRIT and HUSTLE. And I think they go together.

GRIT means you persevere; you’re tenacious. You have a passion to see things through to a goal.

HUSTLE is all about movement; making things happen; energy; getting busy about getting things done. (Like when you’re soccer coach told you he wanted to see more ‘hustle out there’ from you.)

We underestimate the power of these qualities in leaders.

There are lots of things it takes to be a great leader. Great leaders are visionaries. Great leaders empower others. Great leaders is influence. 

But lets not forget great leaders also show grit and hustle.

When I think of all the great leaders I work with, they all demonstrate these traits in some way. In fact, if you can show me these in anyone, I am convinced you have the makings of a GREAT leader. These leaders have a sense of urgency and this focuses them on what needs to be done.

Indeed, showing grit and hustle have helped me succeed…

When I was in the Army, demonstrating grit and hustle got me promoted.

When I was in business, grit and hustle helped me climb the ladder pretty quick. That led to more money and greater opportunities.

When planting churches we talked about getting after it and finishing the tasks before us.

I would like to see the church talk about these qualities in potential ministry leaders and church planters. I think they’re essential.

Grit and hustle aren’t sexy and they’re not cool. They can be hard. (No – they are hard). They’re kind of old school. Someone actually argued with me that they aren’t Kingdom values of which I disagreed. (Didn’t Jesus and Paul and so many others persevere in the face of opposition – grit); didn’t they show some hustle about the mission – hustle – I think so.)

So for all of you who hustle to get things done and you show some grit when things get tough, I’ll always have a seat on the bus for you.

BONUS: This is a GREAT Ted Talk from Angela Lee Duckworth about GRIT and how it’s a predictor of success in kids. And this is a great post about GRIT from Forbes.

what will it take for you to follow me?

If you’re stuck in your leadership, I know a really good question you should ask the people you’re leading.

It will also be one of the hardest.

Early on in my church planting journey I was struggling to build cohesive teams. It seemed no matter what I did, I couldn’t find the right contributors and I couldn’t find the right people to apprentice into leadership. I struggled to run the ministries I was leading and so I was doing most things myself as a result.

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It comes down to execution

It all comes down to execution.

We can have the best plans.

The best intentions.

The finest work space or buildings.

The best team.

Best visionary oration.

Take all the time in the world to schedule and scope it all out.

But if we don’t execute, we have nothing.

You know this though.

But it’s also true.

So whatever it is your planning and dreaming about, we’re excited to see it (or buy it or read it etc.)

So maybe you’re getting to work now?