Are You Inspiring?

One of the definitions of inspiration is: To stimulate to action; motivate.

Now we all know, there are lots of ways to inspire people. And most church planters I know want to inspire people. So my question is this: How do you know if you’re inspiring people? 

Let’s admit, there are lots of metrics you can use to gauge whether you are a good leader. There are lots of ways to measure success and impact. You will need to choose some and stick with them.

But the most important is this: Are you inspiring people to trust and live like Jesus?

So how do you know?

Start here. Take a good look around you. What are the people who you lead doing? What is the orientation of the people around you? Are they following hard after Jesus? Because this is what you’re to help them do? Be honest.

If you’re not, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you pointing them to Jesus?
  • Have you asked them to the Jesus mission or your mission?
  • Have you given them real opportunity in the mission?
  • Have you given then permission to do what God is calling them to for the mission?
  • Are you helping them dream BIG?

One of the responsibilities of leadership is inspire.. to motivate, cause or bring about…to literally breathe life into. This is our opportunity!

Church planting, then, must be about helping gather and scatter GOD’s people for HIS mission. Best not to confuse it with anything else. And when you do this, you will know that you are inspiring people.

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Maybe We’re the Problem?

Your the ProblemAre people in your way?
Are people frustrating you?
Are people draining your energy?
Are people discouraging you?
Are people letting you down?

Maybe you should pause a moment and consider an alternative?

Maybe it’s something else?

Maybe the problem is our attitude? Maybe it’s what we’re not doing? Maybe it’s something we’re not seeing? Maybe we’re trying to take the easy way out? Maybe it’s the obvious and we just don’t know it?

Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to blame others? Maybe the problem is really us?