Do You Celebrate the Went or the Sent?

Church planting churches affirm sent over went.

Church planting churches embrace their sentness. They are actively engaged in the next mission.

If you desire to determine what kind of church you are, simply ask this question: Do you talk about the went or the sent?

Do you tend to talk about what you did… or do you talk about what you will do?

It’s too easy to rest on our laurels and talk about the days when we went. We did this or we did that. We started this or we started that. I am glad we’ve done things. But the missio Dei demands that we challenge ourselves to focus on what we will do.

If we are going to plant more churches, we must embrace our sentness.

My friend Kim Hammond wrote a book about SENTNESS. You should read it if you want to better understand what it means to be sent.

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Church Planters: Keep Your Blogs Current

mocha-dad-shakespeare-blog-cartoonIf you’re church planting and keep a blog great. We want to hear what you’re learning.

But if you keep a blog you need to keep it current. Nothing screams–don’t bother like old content.

You don’t need to blog everyday. But if you’re keeping a blog you need to write at least once a week to keep it going.

Now, you’re gonna say–but I am so busy.

Then don’t make your blog public. Keep it private until you’re able to write at least once a week.

People are gonna check out your blog and they want to see that stuff is happening. It’s simple, either keep a blog or don’t. But you can’t do both.

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PS: I am eating my words here. These past few months have been a disaster for my blog. I am posting this to remind myself about this truth as well.

NewThing Gathering & Open Source with Ed Stetzer, Mark Jobe and the Fergusons

NT-Gathering-FB-edstetzerI am stoked about our NewThing Gathering on December 8th and 9th at Community. Our NewThing tribe will be gathering to talk about reproducing the Jesus mission. It’s gonna be a great couple of days with my friends talking about how we can partner together to catalyze movement across the globe.

We’ve invited Ed Stetzer to join us. I love Ed and I am always interested in what he has to say about multiplication movements. He comes bearing facts and research, great tools if we are really going to start movements.

And I am huge fan of Mark Jobe of New Life. He will be sharing his story and how they are multiplying churches throughout the city of Chicago.

Our very own Dave and Jon Ferguson will also be there.

The portion with Ed Stetzer and Mark Jobe is open to anyone. If you’re in the Chicago area, you’re invited to join us.

The open-source portion is FREE but you do need to REGISTER HERE. We’d love to have you and your teams join us!

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