Dealing with Conflict

Chances are that you’re dealing with some form of conflict right now. Maybe you’ve argued with your spouse? Maybe your child has been disrespectful? Maybe you’re facing an impasse with a staff person? Maybe you’ve inadvertently been drawn into neighborhood drama?

Conflict is a reality. You cannot avoid it.

The church planter needs to learn how to deal with conflict effectively so to avoid being distracted by it. Left unresolved, conflict will spill into your life in negative ways.

So, how do you  deal with conflict and prevent it from distracting you from the mission?

  • Start with prayer. This ensures the planter remains centered on God. It’s the way to give God the situation. Only by regular times of prayer and repenting will the planter be able to deal with distractions.
  • Admit you’re human. You aren’t superman. Church planter will not make you immune from personal distractions and conflicts.
  • Have a plan. Best to be prepared and ready to deal with conflicts. Read scripture and pray ahead of time soy know how you will deal with conflict.
  • Learn about conflict. Read books. Get coaching from leaders about how to deal with conflict.
  • Prepare for it. Rather than avoiding conflict, it’s best to admit it’s real and be prepared to deal with it.

What about you? How do you deal with conflict? Are you ready for it? Are you being distracted by it? 

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Mobilize the Small to Multiply the Big

You have a vision and plan to do some big things for the kingdom. Great.

Just don’t forget that you can only do that if you mobilize the small.

Small multiplies the big.

  • Want to plant churches. Mobilize small groups of people to be on mission.
  • Want to accomplish a big goal? Mobilize your daily schedule and align it with your goals.

Whatever your big goal is … don’t forget it all begins and is only possible if you mobilize the small.

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