Ask for Help Already

Why is it hard to ask for help?

If you’re starting a something new you will encounter challenges. Some of those challenges you can overcome yourself. Others will require help from others. But you’re reluctant to ask for help.

  • Your facing some challenge or setback and it’s consuming you.
  • You’ve got a fantastic idea but you’re not sure how to move it forward.
  • You need someone to fill a role or responsibility.
  • You have a new opportunity but you don’t know where to start.
  • You’re stuck .

Whatever it is…

You feel the pressure to know and to figure it out for yourself. So you don’t ask for help, and that’s a miss.

The reasons are myriad, none of which ought to be a surprise if you stop and think about it. Suffice to say, stubbornness and pride are the usual culprits.

Don’t be afraid–go ahead and ask for help. You’d be surprised at how much is help is all around you. But you’ve got to be willing to ask.

Here are some ways to ask for help:

  • Pray about it. (Seriously)
  • Write down the challenge and then list the names of people who can potentially help.
  • Ask someone else how they handled a similar challenge to yours.
  • Ask someone on your team you normally wouldn’t for his or her opinion.
  • Ask a friend to recommend a book about the challenge.
  • Ask a trusted coach.
  • Contact someone in your network and find out how they did it.
  • Email an author or blogger for insight.

Ask! Ask for help. Ask for insight. Ask for coaching. Ask for feedback. Ask for ideas.

Asking demonstrates your humility and honors the person(s) you’re asking and that’s a good thing.

If you’re undertaking something new, you’re going to encounter challenges. And you can overcome many of those challenges if you stop and ask for help.

What about you? What challenges do you face and who are you going to ask for help?

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Some Will Choose the World

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” —Jesus

As a church planter you’re in the business of helping people to choose their paradigm. A paradigm is a world view and it dictates how we live every aspect of our lives.

There are two to choose from.

The first paradigm is the world.

The other is the Kingdom of God.

Many people will want to know more about Jesus and what it would look like for them to follow Him. They will journey with you a little while. They will certainly explore the Kingdom.

But in the end, they decide whether or not they are going to follow Jesus or not. Some will choose to keep the world.

We must be clear about this: following Jesus requires us to make a paradigm shift. Jesus demands everything from those of us who follow him. He demands that we choose our paradigms.

The spiritual life is a journey and each of ours is unique. Sometimes people aren’t ready to say yes to Jesus. Sometimes they have doubts or fears or any other number of things that would hold them back.

Planters are easily discouraged. They so badly want people to say YES to Jesus and follow Him. And when they don’t, it can be hard.

Be encouraged.

Your job is to help people experience the gospel in word and deed. Your job is to pray for people; to love them; to serve them. They then get to choose for themselves.

What are your thoughts? Am I missing anything? 

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